Fair Enough

Fair Enough

We genuinely believe in equity and equality, so we focus on bringing sustainability and design to social initiatives as a step forward to create a better world by exploring new uses and shapes for this new material. The open-source spirit, tackling plastic pollution through design, and connecting people around the world to join us in this – that’s what Fair Enough stands for.


Fair Enough started from a beautiful project called Precious Plastic.

Precious Plastic is a project that makes plastic recycling possible worldwide by sharing low-cost recycling machinery designs open-source. This project was developed in the Netherlands and has online platforms where a large community of small-scale recyclers worldwide connect. In 2018, we (Adrian and Julie) met during the project’s development.

We both had backgrounds in design and after Precious Plastic’s development success, we decided to continue its philosophy – which we truly believe in – of open-source, community-focused work worldwide. Fair Enough was born to combine our passion for creativity and collaboration. We began by building our own recycling machines and designing and producing products for sale and for specific clients. Soon enough, we also start to help others to set up their own recycling spaces too.