Spreading the word

As Fair Enough, we strive to share the knowledge about plastic recycling with as many people as possible.

spreading the word

We believe that the more people have access to this knowledge, the more different creations will arise and the sooner we will find opportunities for this material instead of wasting it.

With our set of machines based on the precious plastic philosophy, we travel to different events in Europe. We then demonstrate the entire plastic recycling process, from start to finish and share our passion about the Precious Plastic community.

We are also giving lectures about plastic recycling on a small scale where we explain what the Precious Plastic community is on the human side, the power of Open Source hardware.

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Would you like us to come to you and show the possibilities of recycling plastic or how product design and open source can link with sustainability?

We can help you with the concept for your event, talks or workshops. We can adapt them to your needs and the audience. If you don´t know how to start, contact us, and we can see how to make it happen.