A Workspace

A Precious Plastic workspace provides a place for people to develop a new perspective on plastic.

A Workspace

It features machines designed for small-scale, complete plastic recycling. The team managing such a workspace collects plastic waste from the local community and processes this trash into new products with a higher value than they had before. These workspaces allow their local area to reconsider discarded plastic and find a long-term purpose for it. Plastic pollution is a significant global issue. These workspaces are connected to a global network and support by creating and sharing small-scale solutions with others worldwide.

The recycling process within the workspace is completely transparent and visually demonstrative, which makes it easy to bring people together to learn. Only by increasing understanding of why plastic gets wasted can we all try to tackle this global issue together.

Positive elements of the workspace

Enabling anyone to recycle plastic and take part in the solution to plastic pollution
Connecting you with a worldwide community of active plastic recyclers
Showing the recycling process very visually so easy to understand



Extrusion is a continuous process where plastic flakes are thrown into the hopper and extruded into a line of plastic. These lines can be spun around a mould or used in your own creative ways. They can also be introduced into larger moulds to create bigger products.

Injection machine

The process of heating plastic flakes and injecting them into a mould is relatively quick, making it an ideal method for producing small objects.


The Shredder cuts plastic items into small flakes ready to be turned into new things by the other machines. The shredded plastic are flakes of multiple sizes and colours increasing its value.

Example workspaces


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