Small scale recycling creates bigger impact

We develop projects to recycle plastic locally and design products for a more sustainable world

What we care about

We want everyone to be able to take ownership of how we recycle our plastic to tackle plastic pollution together.

Sharing know-how

The plastic pollution problem is too big to be solved by a few companies. Plastic is a material used by everyone worldwide, so we want to create new opportunities for people by recycling this material. We want to spread the know-how of recycling plastic to anyone willing to tackle this problem.

Recycling for a purpose

The amount of wasted plastic in the world is massive. For us, that’s an opportunity to bring people together and rethink and repurpose it into something that serves. New products should serve us and the environment in the best way possible.

Empowered people

We strengthen the idea of working together as a global team. We do this by supporting people in gaining belief in themselves to apply their strength, act and share their experiences with others, no matter their backgrounds or abilities.

What we do

Product design

We create products thoughtfully and consciously designed to serve their purpose. Our products aim to create a positive social and sustainable impact. We are focussed on their high quality and great finishing made by whoever wants to make a change.

Set up plastic recycling workspaces

We develop projects from idea to product production. Advising, planning and installing fully equipped workspaces to recycle plastic from household waste into something valuable that serves your local community. Accompanying the projects in all the stages

Spread the word

We create awareness around plastic pollution in different formats. We bring solutions and knowledge in small doses to different environments, from workshops, talks, festivals or various events, reaching big audiences to create a positive impact.