Aula Sostible do Freixo

Aula Sostible do Freixo is a workspace run by Asociación Misela together with Asociación a Creba and Adisbismur. Promoted by Asociación de mulleres do mar SEO-Fisterra to create awareness about plastic pollution within the coastal areas from Cee, Fisterra, Carnota, and Ria de Muros e, Noia.

One of the goals of this workspace is to create products for the fisherwomen and fishermen of the region. We have designed several products that go back into the workflow of the fisheries industry and others to create awareness and promote collaboration within the local community. Especially focusing on the workers who go to the sea to find their way of life and keep our oceans healthy and free of plastic. This space helps their mission to create awareness through the social inclusion of the workers responsible for this workspace.